Do Not Give Up, try again!

Firstly a very big “Thank you” to all who have contacted me either via my email ( or web page ( with comments, polite suggestions, or asking for help to launch their first book. event odd criticism, only one rude one since 2006 which is not bad I suppose?

With all authors, me included in this remark, is finding out there is a shortage of agents willing to take new clients on, unless you are well known, although there are the dubious ones that will take your money, print your book send you 10 copies, then nothing! So what is the alternative…you can be headlines for a day with you local papers, or sell your story to a magazine, them it is one payment and your book is dead!

I went to, they accepted my first book (PoD) (The Trident Tale) and reissued it, and it started to sell, it did not zoom into the top 10 as I hoped, but gave me the inertia to write other books, (the Second Trident, The Third Trident..Finally the Sequel, The Whore House, A lovers Tryst, Live hard Die Easy, finally Full of eastern Delight) all of different genre’s, each time looking for the best market place.

Next I found (part of Amazon) This company transfers your book into downloads, and if they think it will sell in other markets they can change English into and up to 13 different languages, these downloads are cheaper than the books can could sell for as little as a £1, but then you have a lot of extra sales, and you are getting known…your choice?

My latest venture is with AXC, who then steer you through their procedure, and if except then you select a’narrator’ from their lists, that will ask for 25% to 50% of commission, or cash up front, once the down load is complete up to your satisfaction, again your choice. If you have the time I have a 15min MP3 Download on my web page, that is of my latest book, let me know if you like it?

I hope this has been a help to you, and again thank you sincerely all for the support you have given me over the years,last but not least to have a web page built by professional team (Mine is for once your web page is up and running it always need attention, out of 40 search engine site mine is constantly on their first page many at the top!

So just one more thing to think about?

Best wishes and best of luck to you all!

David J Moran

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