Full of Eastern Delight

This new book “Full of Eastern Delight” is already in print by Amazon .com, and now found in Amazon books under the heading of David J Moran at (£7.05p) as a Kindle.co.uk download (£3.20) finally at Audible. co .uk (£4.80).

It based on a true story, after the Great War (the War to end all wars?) in 1914/15 there was a massive  change in the society of all woman, young girls as well as young women, for those on the meaniel ladders working in the big or even stately homes, had found a new release as working in factories, on the land, as drivers, tram conductors etc, at greatly enhanced wages, so after the war were now loath to return to their former employers. These now faced with the demand from servants for higher wages, no longer had the luxury of servants at their beck and call!

The ladies of society too had change thrust on them, for the policy of their husbands controlling their dowries, was by Court of Law proven to be unlawful, so they too had a new freedom, walking about in unseemly dresses that showed an ankle, smoking in the street, forming committees, being visible by appearing in newspapers, supporting charities for the down and outs, injuries veterans of the war, the homeless mothers and children, workhouses, the list was endless!

However were there is charity, there is always the villains out to get rich quick, my tale is about one of these, lust deceit, even an unsolved murder, that in my own way I have perhaps explained how it happened?

Then perhaps not…why stand in the way of a good story!


David J Moran

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