davidMoranDavid J  Moran (author) is living with his wife Christine, in rural Lancashire, a retired Principal Officer of the Prison Service, for thirty years, employed in all manner of establishments, Local Prisons, Borstals, Detention Centres, as well as High Security Prisons, until after a major riot sustained injuries he was medically retired in the line of duty.

In all the years of working with the inmates one hears of many horrendous tales, or heart breaking stories of broken homes, being abused, maltreated; some true while others, he quickly learnt the difference. Or as in many cases the crimes inmates had committed had been so serious to be finally found by the Courts that containment for life was now the only answer to protect the public.

His style of writing  (that had been noted on numerous occasions) reflects past events in his life, with memories of dealing with difficult, and sometimes dangerous people, with their varied associated problems, plus his own personal loss of two sons, is an indirect support of much of the story lines development in the plots, places, as well as locations.

At the age of seventeen, David his natural son committed suicide, whilst waiting for his exam results. The day that led to the discovery of David’s body, a letter had been delivered for him.

Some time later, it was opened; to discover, that David’s grades were sufficient for Kings College, Oxford, David’s University of choice!

This tragic event caused the marriage of some twenty years to end in a divorce, that was not harmonious or constructive to the remaining children…however, with the meeting of Christine, some two years later he remarried.

But fate had yet another blow waiting, for later that year his adopted son Simon died of Muscular Dystrophy; it was only the support of Christine and her daughter Louise, as well as Mandy his eldest daughter, which saved his sanity.

Very sadly, I have to add to my Biography page (In Feb of 2018) that after a short illness, the death of my daughter Amanda Jane Brewer (Mandy) ON THE 5TH OF FEBRUARY 2018,  a friend from her adoption to her death, who I will miss forever!

This is not written as an edit, of his tales and woes, for as , I am sure you will understand, it is not unique…that if you as the reader has been in similar crisis, or known people close to you, in similar positions, he has not made light of the anguish of the period, when tears are the only release