Live Hard Die Easy

The Second Trident Tale -- David J Moran

The book is partly historic, yet so much of the past is what we see and do today, so it will be no surprise that I start my book at the stage when a foundling; Sid Smith, is left at the Workhouse, as this is part of his true story, adjusting his life skills so that he could stay alive. 
He is aided by a Lady, who can only see the good in him, the evil was from where he had been forced to live, he is educated, not only in the three R’s but life as well. 
The teacher is a failure in life according to his Mother-in-law, who for reasons beyond her comprehension allowed her only daughter to marry him, only to discover he was below their social standing within the country set. While they, the daughters parents; stood aloof as he was a Captain in the Cavalry, while she the Lady of the Manor, with major responsibilities of selection, or rejection of persons to enter the exclusive social set, such as Hunting, Balls, Parties, none of which were organised, as well as chaperoned with out her due consideration. 
Then came the War to end all Wars, Life took on new meanings, not only at home but in the trenches, this is where Sid Smith’s tale stops, and fiction takes over!

Paperback:490 pages
Publisher: Createspace (30 Jun 2010)
Language: English
ISBN: 1453634711
Category: Fiction


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