The Second Trident Tale

The Second Trident Tale -- David J Moran

Jerry has awoken, to find he is now a woman, in all appearance, yet he is aware that his brain is still that of a man, while those around him seek to protect him from the outside world. He/ She is now Geraldine, engaged in lowly tasks in his/her former home, now being used as an unmarried mothers maternity home. 
Yet all is not what it seems to be, there is an element of fear, making one almost an introvert to ‘toe the company line’ yet Geraldine senses evil, not only in the rest of the Staff, but the house as well. 
Can the intervention of the police in their search for Sister Sterling as well as Jerry, in helping with their inquiries into several cases of murder, help ot hinder? 
Why has Geraldine been selected, for what purpose, is it part of a plan the satanic leader has ordered…?

Paperback376 pages
Language: English
Category: Fiction/Horror


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