The Trident Tales, Finally the Sequel

Trident Tale -- David J Moran

At last, the long awaited final sequel of the Trident Tales trilogy, bringing to the conclusion of Jerry Palmer’s relentless search for a release from the unusual state of entrapment he has been committed to, but not before he encounters further dealings of black Magic, evil, satanic horrors, lust and debauchery of the underworld in the devils quest with the help of his mindless slaves to rule the world! 
This gripping and chilling tale is a must read for those who have enjoyed the authors first two books in the trilogy, as David J Moran keeps the reader in suspense right to the very end. 
Will Good triumph over Evil…? 
A very big ‘Thank You’ to all my friends, especially my wife Christine, as this book was very nearly not written, as it was hit by a nasty virus, which no doubt aided to the computer ‘crashed!’ almost destroying all of the story line, of some 300 pages. 
However, and why this book has a second title, it is now on the market place for you to read, and will you find the secret message? 
If I did not know better…I was beginning to wonder who was trying to tell me something, or was that a shadow on the wall, with the room cooling as I sat down to write, silly I know…or is it?. 

Paperback: 738 pages (16th December 2013)
Publisher: Amazon /Kindle
Language: English
ISBN: 1497437369
Category: Horror, satanic, black magic, lust and debauchery!

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