Slaughtered by Others Ambitions

Slaughtered by Others Ambitions

When good things happen in your life, do you except them, wonder why you were so chosen, automatically look for someone to say Thank You to, or was there other reasons you were so selected for this higher position, or like us accept them, then to silently view what you have foolishly, or even stupid, to allow this chain of events that you have no control of?Confused…well this is why this why this book was written!Yan and Sheila are two people described as above, so far married, as well contented in what life has thrown at them both, no real ambitions at this present time, hoping for children, to make their lives complete, when their village is suddenly becoming a different world when a factory is built on farmland, to promises employment for all the villages, male and female, certainly more than they earned before…Life was on the up, or was it?The Owner by his title he uses was seemingly a Lord, so Sir Richard Blenheim to give the Gentleman his full title, was now the overseer of to only his factory but the Village, and the entire population!Which works in the Villagers favour, for he is a kindly man, operating an open hand to all the villagers problems, and rapid solutions, quickly building a remarkable relationship with ever one, even to the extent of making their days at the factory longer without a pay rise, one and all accepted the new terms without questions, as one only had to look at all the perks they had been freely given, and the staff expressed their thankfulness by excepting the new terms with out question?Yet at this point, again all the Staff were gathered together, and told of a form of a secret that was being circulated amongst the Staff, that amid all the new buildings, extensions, and enlargement of the main building block it now housed a SECRET PART of the factory, one which was housed by entry the furthest away doorway, and this units Staff did not live in the village?If we were mindful of the ever changing scenario perhaps we should have opted to move from the first change in the management structure, as Artic, from nowhere, was introduced into our system as the Security Manager honking into two people directly? Yup, that was us two, we must have had ‘guidable’ tattooed on our forehead had we thought about it at the time—but no we just carried on!Things steadily got worse, as a chance sighting by Yan of suspicious characters, led us to meeting the owner of the factory, and eventual promotion to being managers, added to which was a huge pay rise, which in hindsight was equal to the thirty pieces of silver?Still we did not learn, we worked harder, enlarged our Staff numbers, engaged in many more Management decisions, even to the extent of exposing a spy, more pay, more perks, it was endless we simply could do no wrong, yet as Yan and I now viewed the evidence, it was all there for us to fall over, yet we carried on, without seemingly without a care in the world, I looked at Yan and he too nodded…We were stupid!We both agreed that when the soldiers/ bandits or who ever they were, burst into our house, our opinions of being self important were well and truly vamoosed into a state of shock, as the whole truth was explained in graphic, alarming details, we found no longer hard to believe, from all the previous lies we had earnestly swallowed as the truth!What was left…that dear reader for you to discover, but as a warning do not read alone at night, for sleep might be impossible?

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Paperback: 466 pages
Publisher: Independant
Language: English

ISBN13: 9781697071948
Category: Fiction/Adult

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