The Very Last Adventure of Bungalow Bill

You probably have read the books, The Adventures of Bungalow Bill, then The Further Adventures of Bungalow Bill, and now the last in the series is The Very LastAdventure of Bungalow Bill, this was not an easy book to write, as I asked for ideas from my readers, many of which I used, thank you!
I am afraid I did not understand what feelings of repugnancy, hatred, as well as ill feelings I had caused, when I left myself open for such abuse, however in my own defence, I can now reveal that this in a major part is a true story, for a clue into my area of expertise, please read my web page!
Bill now has the whole world opening for him, a little bit of murder, death, deceit, wholesale lying, free sex, and for the first time in his live LOVE, to what effect, as he juggles with what life throws at him, he starts to gain property, WORK as unbelievable as it would seem, attend Collage, while working equally hard in discovering a new identity that he needed to use, as his old one has too much baggage attached to his own name if he could really remember it.

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